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The Mazel Baguette RingThe Mazel Baguette Ring
The Mazel Baguette Ring Sale price$1,750.00
The Mazel RingThe Mazel Ring
The Mazel Ring Sale price$1,650.00
The Mazel Baguette NecklaceThe Mazel Baguette Necklace
The Mazel Baguette Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,100.00
The Map of Mazel NecklaceThe Map of Mazel Necklace
The Map of Mazel Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,948.00
The Mazel Paperclip NecklaceThe Mazel Paperclip Necklace
The Mazel Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,250.00
The Mazel Ring Black DiamondThe Mazel Ring Black Diamond
The Mazel Ring Black Diamond Sale price$1,350.00
The L'Chaim Paperclip NecklaceThe L'Chaim Paperclip Necklace
The L'Chaim Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,800.00
The Mazel Baguette BraceletThe Mazel Baguette Bracelet
The Mazel Baguette Bracelet Sale priceFrom $818.00
The Mazel Paperclip BraceletThe Mazel Paperclip Bracelet
The Mazel Paperclip Bracelet Sale price$1,030.00
The Rebecca Ear Cuff EarringsThe Rebecca Ear Cuff Earrings
The Rebecca Ear Cuff Earrings Sale price$1,200.00
The Bezeled Mazel NecklaceThe Bezeled Mazel Necklace
The Bezeled Mazel Necklace Sale price$1,800.00
The Eternal Mazel NecklaceThe Eternal Mazel Necklace
The Eternal Mazel Necklace Sale price$1,850.00
Love You To The Moon & Back Pendant NecklaceLove You To The Moon & Back Pendant Necklace
Rachie Shnay Gift Card
Rachie Shnay Gift Card Sale priceFrom $150.00
The Mr. Mazel TagThe Mr. Mazel Tag
The Mr. Mazel Tag Sale price$1,948.00
The Mr. MazelThe Mr. Mazel
The Mr. Mazel Sale price$1,200.00
The Mazel Whisper HoopsThe Mazel Whisper Hoops
The Mazel Whisper Hoops Sale price$1,300.00
A Night in HavanaA Night in Havana
A Night in Havana Sale price$1,400.00
The Mazel HoopsThe Mazel Hoops
The Mazel Hoops Sale price$1,800.00
The Cigar LinkThe Cigar Link
The Cigar Link Sale price$1,350.00
Hamsa Paperclip  Necklace
Hamsa Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,200.00
The Mr. L'ChaimThe Mr. L'Chaim
The Mr. L'Chaim Sale price$1,200.00
The Forever StudThe Forever Stud
The Forever Stud Sale priceFrom $950.00
Haesther Diamond Tennis BraceletHaesther Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Haesther Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sale priceFrom $1,550.00
Floating Diamond Bezel  BraceletFloating Diamond Bezel  Bracelet
Floating Diamond Bezel Bracelet Sale priceFrom $2,100.00
The Butterfly Kisses NecklaceThe Butterfly Kisses Necklace
The Butterfly Kisses Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,800.00
Butterfly Kisses Ring PinkButterfly Kisses Ring Pink
Butterfly Kisses Ring Pink Sale priceFrom $1,400.00
The Royal StudsThe Royal Studs
The Royal Studs Sale price$1,200.00
Rachie Bezel with Paperclip ChainRachie Bezel with Paperclip Chain
The Peekaboo HoopsThe Peekaboo Hoops
The Peekaboo Hoops Sale price$1,880.00
Sold outTrio Bezel Stud
Trio Bezel Stud Sale price$1,100.00
The Mazel Cube NecklaceThe Mazel Cube Necklace
The Mazel Cube Necklace Sale price$1,500.00
The Olympic Tennis Bracelet
The Olympic Tennis Bracelet Sale priceFrom $1,100.00
Butterfly Kisses Ring Red Ruby
Butterfly Kisses Ring Red Ruby Sale priceFrom $1,400.00
The Paperclip Eye Necklace
The Paperclip Eye Necklace Sale price$1,200.00
Sold outSave $700.00The Senorita BraceletThe Senorita Bracelet
The Senorita Bracelet Sale price$1,500.00 Regular price$2,200.00
Sold outSave $700.00The Gatsby Gemstone RingThe Gatsby Gemstone Ring
The Gatsby Gemstone Ring Sale price$1,600.00 Regular price$2,300.00
The Royal Paperclip Necklace
The Royal Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,200.00
The Leora Pearl Huggies
The Leora Pearl Huggies Sale price$1,100.00
The Baguette Cuff Huggies
The Baguette Cuff Huggies Sale price$1,300.00
The Ivy RingThe Ivy Ring
The Ivy Ring Sale price$1,500.00
Half Bezel Paperclip Bracelet
Half Bezel Paperclip Bracelet Sale price$1,800.00
The Horizontal Royal Necklace
The Horizontal Royal Necklace Sale price$1,800.00
The Royal Clover EarringsThe Royal Clover Earrings
The Royal Clover Earrings Sale priceFrom $1,400.00
A Night in the HamptonsA Night in the Hamptons
A Night in the Hamptons Sale price$1,500.00
The Eternal PrincessThe Eternal Princess
The Eternal Princess Sale price$1,200.00
A Night in St. TropezA Night in St. Tropez
A Night in St. Tropez Sale price$1,950.00
Butterfly Kisses Ring Pink RubyButterfly Kisses Ring Pink Ruby
Butterfly Kisses Ring Pink Ruby Sale priceFrom $1,400.00