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The Havana Heart
The Havana Heart Sale price$1,200.00
The Lev & Links NecklaceThe Lev & Links Necklace
The Lev & Links Necklace Sale price$1,650.00
The Amor LinkThe Amor Link
The Amor Link Sale price$2,700.00
The Gabriela Graduated Bezel Paperclip Choker NecklaceThe Gabriela Graduated Bezel Paperclip Choker Necklace
The Goldie Choker DiamondThe Goldie Choker Diamond
The Goldie Choker Diamond Sale price$3,300.00
Love You To The Moon & Back Pendant NecklaceLove You To The Moon & Back Pendant Necklace
Love You Forever, Like You For Always Heart NecklaceLove You Forever, Like You For Always Heart Necklace
The Solitaire Baguette BeautyThe Solitaire Baguette Beauty
The Solitaire Baguette Beauty Sale price$2,500.00
Beauty & The Bezel NecklaceBeauty & The Bezel Necklace
Beauty & The Bezel Necklace Sale priceFrom $2,800.00
The Round Bezeled SolitaireThe Round Bezeled Solitaire
The Round Bezeled Solitaire Sale price$2,200.00
The Rachie Bezel Tennis NecklaceThe Rachie Bezel Tennis Necklace
The Elegant RowThe Elegant Row
The Elegant Row Sale price$1,800.00
Dangling Love Necklace
Dangling Love Necklace Sale price$590.00
The Butterfly Kisses NecklaceThe Butterfly Kisses Necklace
The Butterfly Kisses Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,800.00
Custom Extra Large Diamond Name NecklaceCustom Extra Large Diamond Name Necklace
The Mazel Baguette NecklaceThe Mazel Baguette Necklace
The Mazel Baguette Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,100.00
Custom Diamond Name NecklaceCustom Diamond Name Necklace
Custom Diamond Name Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,000.00
Custom Gold Name NecklaceCustom Gold Name Necklace
Custom Gold Name Necklace Sale priceFrom $650.00
The Bar NecklaceThe Bar Necklace
The Bar Necklace Sale price$720.00
Initial Charm NecklaceInitial Charm Necklace
Initial Charm Necklace Sale priceFrom $860.00
The Deb Tennis NecklaceThe Deb Tennis Necklace
The Deb Tennis Necklace Sale priceFrom $5,400.00
The Horizontal Royal Necklace
The Horizontal Royal Necklace Sale price$1,800.00
Baguette Initial CharmBaguette Initial Charm
Baguette Initial Charm Sale priceFrom $1,150.00
The Lady Ruby ChokerThe Lady Ruby Choker
The Lady Ruby Choker Sale price$3,000.00
Tennis Charm ChokerTennis Charm Choker
Tennis Charm Choker Sale price$3,600.00
The Ibiza ChokerThe Ibiza Choker
The Ibiza Choker Sale price$2,600.00
Save $300.00The Starlight NecklaceThe Starlight Necklace
The Starlight Necklace Sale price$3,900.00 Regular price$4,200.00
The Paperclip Eye Necklace
The Paperclip Eye Necklace Sale price$1,200.00
The Royal Clover Necklace
The Royal Clover Necklace Sale price$900.00
The Pear Tennis NecklaceThe Pear Tennis Necklace
The Pear Tennis Necklace Sale price$3,800.00
The Leo Tennis Necklace
The Leo Tennis Necklace Sale price$3,400.00
Cuban Love Necklace
Cuban Love Necklace Sale price$2,980.00
The Bridgerton Choker NecklaceThe Bridgerton Choker Necklace
The Bridgerton Choker Necklace Sale price$3,300.00
The Vanessa Hearts Triple NecklaceThe Vanessa Hearts Triple Necklace
Mama Paperclip NecklaceMama Paperclip Necklace
Mama Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,300.00
The Gabriela Bezel ChokerThe Gabriela Bezel Choker
The Gabriela Bezel Choker Sale price$5,200.00
The Mazel Paperclip NecklaceThe Mazel Paperclip Necklace
The Mazel Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,200.00
The Mini Mazel Paperclip NecklaceThe Mini Mazel Paperclip Necklace
The Jacket Pear Paperclip Necklace
The Flower Cluster Paperclip Necklace
The Haesther Adjustable NecklaceThe Haesther Adjustable Necklace
The Haesther Adjustable Necklace Sale priceFrom $3,800.00
The Groovy Paperclip NecklaceThe Groovy Paperclip Necklace
The Groovy Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,500.00
Ruby Paperclip Choker
Ruby Paperclip Choker Sale price$2,300.00
The Royal Paperclip Necklace
The Royal Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,200.00
The Ritz Tennis Necklace
The Ritz Tennis Necklace Sale price$5,200.00
Ruby Flower Paperclip Necklace
Timeless Diamond Heart Necklace
Diamond Oval Paperclip Necklace