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The Pear Swirl
The Pear Swirl Sale price$2,600.00
The Flexible Amalfi Ring
The Flexible Amalfi Ring Sale price$1,900.00
The Black Diamond Mazel Signet Pinky RingThe Black Diamond Mazel Signet Pinky Ring
The L'Chaim Signet Pinky RingThe L'Chaim Signet Pinky Ring
Save $400.00The Stackable Bezeled RingThe Stackable Bezeled Ring
The Stackable Bezeled Ring Sale price$1,100.00 Regular price$1,500.00
My Love Ring Large Emerald
My Love Ring Large Emerald Sale price$2,500.00
My Love RingMy Love Ring
My Love Ring Sale priceFrom $1,200.00
The Perfect Pear Ring
The Perfect Pear Ring Sale price$2,900.00
The Kissing Pear Ring
The Kissing Pear Ring Sale price$4,200.00
The Graduated Spiral Ring
The Graduated Spiral Ring Sale price$2,100.00
The Clara Eternity Band
The Clara Eternity Band Sale price$3,800.00
The St. Tropez Wrap
The St. Tropez Wrap Sale price$4,800.00
The Aspen Ring
The Aspen Ring Sale price$1,800.00
Baguette Duo RingBaguette Duo Ring
Baguette Duo Ring Sale price$1,200.00
Sold outSave $700.00The Gatsby Gemstone RingThe Gatsby Gemstone Ring
The Gatsby Gemstone Ring Sale price$1,600.00 Regular price$2,300.00
Save $900.00The Royal Gatsby RingThe Royal Gatsby Ring
The Royal Gatsby Ring Sale price$1,600.00 Regular price$2,500.00
The Confetti RingThe Confetti Ring
The Confetti Ring Sale price$1,100.00
The Good Eye Pinky Ring
The Good Eye Pinky Ring Sale price$800.00
The Gold Coil Ring
The Gold Coil Ring Sale price$880.00
Beauty & the Bezel RingBeauty & the Bezel Ring
Beauty & the Bezel Ring Sale price$2,800.00
The Casablanca Ring SmallThe Casablanca Ring Small
The Casablanca Ring Small Sale price$850.00
The Casablanca Ring LargeThe Casablanca Ring Large
The Casablanca Ring Large Sale price$1,800.00
The Gatsby RingThe Gatsby Ring
The Gatsby Ring Sale price$2,300.00
The Mazel Ring Black DiamondThe Mazel Ring Black Diamond
The Mazel Ring Black Diamond Sale price$1,350.00
The Monaco WrapThe Monaco Wrap
The Monaco Wrap Sale price$3,300.00
The Mazel Signet Pinky RingThe Mazel Signet Pinky Ring
The Mazel Signet Pinky Ring Sale price$818.00
The Ivy RingThe Ivy Ring
The Ivy Ring Sale price$1,500.00
Bezeled Pear Eternity BandBezeled Pear Eternity Band
Bezeled Pear Eternity Band Sale price$5,000.00
Bezeled Emerald Eternity BandBezeled Emerald Eternity Band
Bezeled Emerald Eternity Band Sale priceFrom $3,200.00
Ruby & Diamond Pinky RingRuby & Diamond Pinky Ring
Ruby & Diamond Pinky Ring Sale price$880.00
Fireworks RingFireworks Ring
Fireworks Ring Sale price$2,300.00
Heart Meets Pear RingHeart Meets Pear Ring
Heart Meets Pear Ring Sale price$1,200.00
Marquise  Baguette SpiralMarquise  Baguette Spiral
Marquise Baguette Spiral Sale price$1,200.00
Angel RingAngel Ring
Angel Ring Sale price$2,900.00
Pear Spiral RingPear Spiral Ring
Pear Spiral Ring Sale price$2,300.00
The Round Row Ring Large
The Round Row Ring Large Sale price$3,500.00
The Round Row RingThe Round Row Ring
The Round Row Ring Sale price$2,500.00
Colored Diamond Row RingColored Diamond Row Ring
Colored Diamond Row Ring Sale price$2,900.00
On saleThe Single Emerald RingThe Single Emerald Ring
The Single Emerald Ring Sale priceFrom $800.00 Regular price$1,300.00
Initial Pinky RingInitial Pinky Ring
Initial Pinky Ring Sale price$880.00
Butterfly Kisses Ring Yellow SapphireButterfly Kisses Ring Yellow Sapphire
The Single Diamond Eternity BandThe Single Diamond Eternity Band
The Single Diamond Eternity Band Sale priceFrom $990.00
Link & Bezel RingLink & Bezel Ring
Link & Bezel Ring Sale price$950.00
The Stephanie RingThe Stephanie Ring
The Stephanie Ring Sale price$4,400.00
The Pierre RingThe Pierre Ring
The Pierre Ring Sale price$2,500.00
The Milano RingThe Milano Ring
The Milano Ring Sale price$2,200.00
The Firenze Ring
The Firenze Ring Sale price$3,800.00
The Roma RingThe Roma Ring
The Roma Ring Sale price$3,400.00