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Milan Scoop
Milan Scoop Sale price$2,200.00
The Whispering Fan Earrings
The Whispering Fan Earrings Sale price$2,200.00
The Baguette HoopThe Baguette Hoop
The Baguette Hoop Sale price$2,200.00
A Night at Art BaselA Night at Art Basel
A Night at Art Basel Sale price$2,200.00
The Sienna HoopsThe Sienna Hoops
The Sienna Hoops Sale price$2,200.00
The Shoshana PendantThe Shoshana Pendant
The Shoshana Pendant Sale price$2,200.00
The Olympic Paperclip ChokerThe Olympic Paperclip Choker
The Olympic Paperclip Choker Sale price$2,150.00
Blooms Paperclip NecklaceBlooms Paperclip Necklace
Blooms Paperclip Necklace Sale price$2,200.00
The Single Diamond Eternity BandThe Single Diamond Eternity Band
The Single Diamond Eternity Band Sale priceFrom $990.00
The Milano RingThe Milano Ring
The Milano Ring Sale price$2,200.00
The Gigi Bezel Paperclip NecklaceThe Gigi Bezel Paperclip Necklace
The Royal Signet Ring EmeraldThe Royal Signet Ring Emerald
The Royal Signet Ring Emerald Sale price$2,200.00
The Heart Row RingThe Heart Row Ring
The Heart Row Ring Sale price$2,200.00
A Night at the Plaza Large
A Night at the Plaza Large Sale price$2,200.00
The Baguette Tango RingThe Baguette Tango Ring
The Baguette Tango Ring Sale price$2,200.00
The Pear Swirl
The Pear Swirl Sale price$2,600.00
The Charlotte Flexible BangleThe Charlotte Flexible Bangle
The Charlotte Flexible Bangle Sale price$2,500.00
The Flexible Spiral BraceletThe Flexible Spiral Bracelet
The Flexible Spiral Bracelet Sale price$2,600.00
The Queen Spiral RingThe Queen Spiral Ring
The Queen Spiral Ring Sale price$2,600.00
The Baguette StairwayThe Baguette Stairway
The Baguette Stairway Sale price$2,300.00
Save $600.00The Rosie Trio Bracelet
The Rosie Trio Bracelet Sale price$2,200.00 Regular price$2,800.00
A Night in PugliaA Night in Puglia
A Night in Puglia Sale priceFrom $2,400.00
A Night in SardiniaA Night in Sardinia
A Night in Sardinia Sale price$3,600.00
The Aliza Clusters
The Aliza Clusters Sale price$4,500.00
The Clara Pear HangThe Clara Pear Hang
The Clara Pear Hang Sale price$2,400.00
Turquoise & Diamond Oval Tennis BraceletTurquoise & Diamond Oval Tennis Bracelet
My Love Ring Large Emerald
My Love Ring Large Emerald Sale price$2,500.00
A Night in Tuscany
A Night in Tuscany Sale price$3,900.00
The Bezeled Emerald Hoops
The Bezeled Emerald Hoops Sale price$2,600.00
The Bezeled Eternity Hoops
The Bezeled Eternity Hoops Sale price$6,900.00
A Night in Tribeca
A Night in Tribeca Sale price$2,400.00
The Hopeless Romantic HoopsThe Hopeless Romantic Hoops
The Hopeless Romantic Hoops Sale price$6,400.00
Bezeled Pear Bangle
Bezeled Pear Bangle Sale price$3,600.00
The Trio Bezeled BangleThe Trio Bezeled Bangle
The Trio Bezeled Bangle Sale price$3,600.00
The Paloma Link Bracelet
The Paloma Link Bracelet Sale price$4,200.00
The Perfect Pear Ring
The Perfect Pear Ring Sale price$2,900.00
The Kissing Pear Ring
The Kissing Pear Ring Sale price$4,200.00
The Marbella Tennis BraceletThe Marbella Tennis Bracelet
The Marbella Tennis Bracelet Sale price$4,300.00
The Clara Eternity Band
The Clara Eternity Band Sale price$3,800.00
Dagger Tennis BraceletDagger Tennis Bracelet
Dagger Tennis Bracelet Sale priceFrom $2,100.00
The St. Tropez Wrap
The St. Tropez Wrap Sale price$4,800.00
The Royal Ascot Tennis NecklaceThe Royal Ascot Tennis Necklace
The Marquise Hang
The Marquise Hang Sale price$3,800.00
A Night at The Eiffel TowerA Night at The Eiffel Tower
A Night at The Eiffel Tower Sale price$3,200.00
The Clara BraceletThe Clara Bracelet
The Clara Bracelet Sale priceFrom $2,200.00
The Baguette Snake BangleThe Baguette Snake Bangle
The Baguette Snake Bangle Sale price$3,100.00
A Night in DubaiA Night in Dubai
A Night in Dubai Sale price$5,800.00
Bezeled Pear Tennis BraceletBezeled Pear Tennis Bracelet
Bezeled Pear Tennis Bracelet Sale price$3,900.00