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A Night in NapaA Night in Napa
A Night in Napa Sale priceFrom $2,250.00
The Baguette BangleThe Baguette Bangle
The Baguette Bangle Sale price$3,500.00
A Night in The Dolomites
A Night in The Dolomites Sale price$4,200.00
Pear Tennis BraceletPear Tennis Bracelet
Pear Tennis Bracelet Sale price$3,500.00
A Night at the WaldorfA Night at the Waldorf
A Night at the Waldorf Sale price$4,200.00
Full Cut Bezeled Pear Tennis Bracelet
Ruby Paperclip Choker
Ruby Paperclip Choker Sale price$2,300.00
The Vanessa Hearts Triple NecklaceThe Vanessa Hearts Triple Necklace
The Ivy Adjustable Tennis NecklaceThe Ivy Adjustable Tennis Necklace
The Penelope Diamond Pinky RingThe Penelope Diamond Pinky Ring
The Round Bezeled SolitaireThe Round Bezeled Solitaire
The Round Bezeled Solitaire Sale price$2,200.00
The CC BaguetteThe CC Baguette
The CC Baguette Sale price$2,200.00
Multiple Shape Drop Earrings
Multiple Shape Drop Earrings Sale price$3,600.00
The Lady Ruby ChokerThe Lady Ruby Choker
The Lady Ruby Choker Sale price$3,000.00
Rachie Bezel with ClaspRachie Bezel with Clasp
Rachie Bezel with Clasp Sale priceFrom $2,400.00
A Night at the Great GatsbyA Night at the Great Gatsby
A Night at the Great Gatsby Sale price$4,800.00
A Night in PositanoA Night in Positano
A Night in Positano Sale price$4,950.00
A Night in Shining ArmorA Night in Shining Armor
A Night in Shining Armor Sale price$6,500.00
The Stephanie RingThe Stephanie Ring
The Stephanie Ring Sale price$4,400.00
The Ivy Baguette BangleThe Ivy Baguette Bangle
The Ivy Baguette Bangle Sale price$3,400.00
The Rachie Bezel Cuban Necklace
The Ritz Tennis Necklace
The Ritz Tennis Necklace Sale price$5,200.00
Haesther Diamond Tennis Bracelet Large
Baguette ScoopsBaguette Scoops
Baguette Scoops Sale price$3,200.00
Princess Tennis Bracelet
Princess Tennis Bracelet Sale price$2,400.00
A Night in Winter Wonderland SmallA Night in Winter Wonderland Small
The Pear Tennis NecklaceThe Pear Tennis Necklace
The Pear Tennis Necklace Sale price$3,800.00
The Angel Hair RingThe Angel Hair Ring
The Angel Hair Ring Sale price$3,300.00
Beauty & The Bezel NecklaceBeauty & The Bezel Necklace
Beauty & The Bezel Necklace Sale priceFrom $2,800.00
Oh My Oval HoopsOh My Oval Hoops
Oh My Oval Hoops Sale priceFrom $2,200.00
The Royal Stud XL
The Royal Stud XL Sale price$2,300.00
The Starlight Cuban Necklace
The Starlight Cuban Necklace Sale price$2,000.00
The Graduated Spiral Ring
The Graduated Spiral Ring Sale price$2,100.00
A Night in Aspen Black Diamond
A Night in Aspen Black Diamond Sale priceFrom $1,600.00
The Buenos Aires Huggie
The Buenos Aires Huggie Sale price$2,900.00
Magnolia Falls
Magnolia Falls Sale price$2,100.00
The Jordana Bezel NecklaceThe Jordana Bezel Necklace
The Jordana Bezel Necklace Sale price$2,100.00
Mega Reese Blooms
Mega Reese Blooms Sale price$2,000.00
The Mega Studs Large
The Mega Studs Large Sale price$2,100.00
The Paula Diamond DanglesThe Paula Diamond Dangles
The Paula Diamond Dangles Sale price$2,100.00
The Baguette Kiss
The Baguette Kiss Sale price$2,200.00
The Sarita SpiralThe Sarita Spiral
The Sarita Spiral Sale price$2,200.00
A Night in CairoA Night in Cairo
A Night in Cairo Sale price$4,800.00
Save $600.00The Trilogy StrandThe Trilogy Strand
The Trilogy Strand Sale price$2,000.00 Regular price$2,600.00
The Bezeled Fay Tennis BraceletThe Bezeled Fay Tennis Bracelet
Bezeled Emerald BangleBezeled Emerald Bangle
Bezeled Emerald Bangle Sale price$4,900.00
The Baguette HookThe Baguette Hook
The Baguette Hook Sale price$2,200.00
The Annabelle HoopThe Annabelle Hoop
The Annabelle Hoop Sale price$2,200.00