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The Mazel Signet Pinky RingThe Mazel Signet Pinky Ring
The Mazel Signet Pinky Ring Sale price$818.00
The Mazel Baguette StudsThe Mazel Baguette Studs
The Mazel Baguette Studs Sale price$613.00
The Mazel Hand ChainThe Mazel Hand Chain
The Mazel Hand Chain Sale price$880.00
The Rachie Bezel Bolo BraceletThe Rachie Bezel Bolo Bracelet
The Rachie Bezel Bolo Bracelet Sale priceFrom $3,980.00
The L'Chaim Signet Pinky RingThe L'Chaim Signet Pinky Ring
The Deb Tennis NecklaceThe Deb Tennis Necklace
The Deb Tennis Necklace Sale priceFrom $5,400.00
The Black Diamond Mazel NecklaceThe Black Diamond Mazel Necklace
The Haesther Adjustable NecklaceThe Haesther Adjustable Necklace
The Haesther Adjustable Necklace Sale priceFrom $3,800.00
The Haesther Tennis NecklaceThe Haesther Tennis Necklace
The Haesther Tennis Necklace Sale priceFrom $3,500.00
The Black Diamond Mazel BraceletThe Black Diamond Mazel Bracelet
The Mazel HoopsThe Mazel Hoops
The Mazel Hoops Sale price$1,800.00
Save $300.00The Starlight NecklaceThe Starlight Necklace
The Starlight Necklace Sale price$3,900.00 Regular price$4,200.00
The Round Row Ring Large
The Round Row Ring Large Sale price$3,500.00
Diamond Flexible BangleDiamond Flexible Bangle
Diamond Flexible Bangle Sale price$3,100.00
The Black Diamond Mazel Signet Pinky RingThe Black Diamond Mazel Signet Pinky Ring
Trilogy Tennis BraceletTrilogy Tennis Bracelet
Trilogy Tennis Bracelet Sale priceFrom $2,700.00
Pear Spiral RingPear Spiral Ring
Pear Spiral Ring Sale price$2,300.00
The Mazel Whisper HoopsThe Mazel Whisper Hoops
The Mazel Whisper Hoops Sale price$1,100.00
Rachie Bezel with Paperclip ChainRachie Bezel with Paperclip Chain
A Night in JerusalemA Night in Jerusalem
A Night in Jerusalem Sale price$2,300.00
The Baguette ButterflyThe Baguette Butterfly
The Baguette Butterfly Sale price$880.00
The Olympic Tennis Bracelet
The Olympic Tennis Bracelet Sale priceFrom $1,100.00
The Senorita Bracelet All DiamondThe Senorita Bracelet All Diamond
A Night in Aspen SmallA Night in Aspen Small
A Night in Aspen Small Sale price$2,200.00
A Night in AspenA Night in Aspen
A Night in Aspen Sale price$3,300.00
The Peekaboo HoopsThe Peekaboo Hoops
The Peekaboo Hoops Sale price$1,880.00
A Night in St. Moritz
A Night in St. Moritz Sale price$4,900.00
A Night in The Dolomites
A Night in The Dolomites Sale price$4,200.00
A Night in the Gilded AgeA Night in the Gilded Age
A Night in the Gilded Age Sale price$4,800.00
A Night in NapaA Night in Napa
A Night in Napa Sale priceFrom $2,250.00
A Night at the WaldorfA Night at the Waldorf
A Night at the Waldorf Sale price$4,200.00
Trio Bezel Stud
Trio Bezel Stud Sale price$790.00
The Olive BranchThe Olive Branch
The Olive Branch Sale price$800.00
The Leora Pearl Huggies
The Leora Pearl Huggies Sale price$1,100.00
The Horizontal Royal Necklace
The Horizontal Royal Necklace Sale price$1,800.00
The Baguette BangleThe Baguette Bangle
The Baguette Bangle Sale price$3,500.00
The Casablanca Ring SmallThe Casablanca Ring Small
The Casablanca Ring Small Sale price$850.00
The Round Row RingThe Round Row Ring
The Round Row Ring Sale price$2,500.00
A Night in Winter Wonderland SmallA Night in Winter Wonderland Small
A Night in PositanoA Night in Positano
A Night in Positano Sale price$4,950.00
The Vanessa Heart NecklaceThe Vanessa Heart Necklace
The Vanessa Heart Necklace Sale priceFrom $900.00
The Pear Tennis NecklaceThe Pear Tennis Necklace
The Pear Tennis Necklace Sale price$3,800.00
Pretty in Pink Climbers
Pretty in Pink Climbers Sale price$700.00
The JubileeThe Jubilee
The Jubilee Sale price$1,300.00
Oval Meets Pear NecklaceOval Meets Pear Necklace
Oval Meets Pear Necklace Sale price$1,500.00
Mama Paperclip NecklaceMama Paperclip Necklace
Mama Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,300.00
The Ivy Baguette BangleThe Ivy Baguette Bangle
The Ivy Baguette Bangle Sale price$3,400.00
Save $250.00Blue Sapphire Eternity BandBlue Sapphire Eternity Band
Blue Sapphire Eternity Band Sale price$450.00 Regular price$700.00