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Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklaces

Our beautiful choker necklaces look gorgeous on their own or layered... Elegant, fun and glam all in one!

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The Mini Mazel Paperclip NecklaceThe Mini Mazel Paperclip Necklace
The Map of Mazel NecklaceThe Map of Mazel Necklace
The Map of Mazel Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,948.00
The Mazel Paperclip NecklaceThe Mazel Paperclip Necklace
The Mazel Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,200.00
The L'Chaim Paperclip NecklaceThe L'Chaim Paperclip Necklace
The L'Chaim Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,800.00
The Mini Mazel NecklaceThe Mini Mazel Necklace
The Mini Mazel Necklace Sale price$650.00
The Mazel Tennis NecklaceThe Mazel Tennis Necklace
The Mazel Tennis Necklace Sale price$3,100.00
The Eternal Mazel NecklaceThe Eternal Mazel Necklace
The Eternal Mazel Necklace Sale price$1,800.00
The Haesther Adjustable NecklaceThe Haesther Adjustable Necklace
The Haesther Adjustable Necklace Sale priceFrom $3,800.00
Lizzy Adjustable Tennis NecklaceLizzy Adjustable Tennis Necklace
Lizzy Adjustable Tennis Necklace Sale priceFrom $2,500.00
Save $300.00The Starlight NecklaceThe Starlight Necklace
The Starlight Necklace Sale price$3,900.00 Regular price$4,200.00
The Halo Mazel NecklaceThe Halo Mazel Necklace
The Halo Mazel Necklace Sale price$2,200.00
Adjustable Bolo Tennis ChokerAdjustable Bolo Tennis Choker
Adjustable Bolo Tennis Choker Sale price$2,950.00
The Gabriela Graduated Bezel Paperclip Choker NecklaceThe Gabriela Graduated Bezel Paperclip Choker Necklace
The Ibiza ChokerThe Ibiza Choker
The Ibiza Choker Sale price$2,600.00
The Deb Adjustable Tennis NecklaceThe Deb Adjustable Tennis Necklace
The Deb Adjustable Tennis Necklace Sale priceFrom $4,500.00
The Ruby & Diamond Row Choker Cuban Chain
The Royal Paperclip Necklace
The Royal Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,200.00
The Flower Cluster Paperclip Necklace
Sold outSave $650.00Turquoise Tennis ChokerTurquoise Tennis Choker
Turquoise Tennis Choker Sale price$1,200.00 Regular price$1,850.00
The Rachie Bezel Cuban Necklace
Ruby Paperclip Choker
Ruby Paperclip Choker Sale price$2,300.00
The Pear Tennis NecklaceThe Pear Tennis Necklace
The Pear Tennis Necklace Sale price$3,800.00
The Lady Ruby ChokerThe Lady Ruby Choker
The Lady Ruby Choker Sale price$3,000.00
The Pear Tennis Charm ChokerThe Pear Tennis Charm Choker
The Pear Tennis Charm Choker Sale price$3,200.00
The Lyla ChokerThe Lyla Choker
The Lyla Choker Sale price$3,500.00
The Olympic Paperclip ChokerThe Olympic Paperclip Choker
The Olympic Paperclip Choker Sale price$2,150.00
Dagger Tennis NecklaceDagger Tennis Necklace
Dagger Tennis Necklace Sale price$3,800.00
Ruby Love Heart NecklaceRuby Love Heart Necklace
Ruby Love Heart Necklace Sale price$1,800.00
Black Swan ChokerBlack Swan Choker
Black Swan Choker Sale price$2,800.00
Pear Hang Necklace
Pear Hang Necklace Sale price$5,900.00
Lucy Paperclip Necklace Large
Lucy Paperclip Necklace Large Sale price$5,900.00
The Sapphire Tennis Pear
The Sapphire Tennis Pear Sale price$3,400.00
The Beauty & the Bezel Paperclip Neckalce
The Madonna StrandThe Madonna Strand
The Madonna Strand Sale priceFrom $4,100.00
The Fifth Avenue Tennis NecklaceThe Fifth Avenue Tennis Necklace
The Daniella Paperclip Necklace
The Jordana Bezel NecklaceThe Jordana Bezel Necklace
The Jordana Bezel Necklace Sale price$2,100.00
A Lot of Love Cuban Heart Necklace
Full Cut Emerald Paperclip NecklaceFull Cut Emerald Paperclip Necklace
Full Cut Emerald Paperclip Necklace Sale priceFrom $2,900.00
The Red Carpet LariatThe Red Carpet Lariat
The Red Carpet Lariat Sale price$2,700.00
Starlight Paperclip Necklace
Starlight Paperclip Necklace Sale price$1,800.00
Floating Bezel Paperclip
Floating Bezel Paperclip Sale price$1,980.00
The Starlight Cuban Necklace
The Starlight Cuban Necklace Sale price$2,000.00
The Jacket Pear Paperclip Necklace
The Bridgerton Choker NecklaceThe Bridgerton Choker Necklace
The Bridgerton Choker Necklace Sale price$3,300.00
Cuban Love Necklace
Cuban Love Necklace Sale price$2,980.00
Tennis Charm ChokerTennis Charm Choker
Tennis Charm Choker Sale price$3,600.00
The Amor LinkThe Amor Link
The Amor Link Sale price$2,700.00